Monday, January 31, 2022

Free Prometheus in the time of sacrifice?


Milton Lima 

The theme of time management requires a logic that justifies it first as a power that will give the feeling that the individual has a choice, which henceforth will represent a subject who sees himself between the strength of his work as useful to be capitalised on and the time when his free time has become an object of desire in the modern world. 

The promise, in this case, finds the myth of the entrepreneur of himself, portrays the historical materialism that in its content, in fact, seeks what was promised to the subject, that famous freedom to be able to be in his constitution of himself, his own investment. 

No doubt when dealing with the Industrial Revolution the capital measured by reason, produced beyond the division of labour the fight for the rights of man in this time that we still seek what it really is to be free. Before we expose how we deal with such risk management in time, we present the classic Charles Chaplin's film "Modern Times" to think about our time. 

Now, what is free time? What was the labour society in the 20th century for Max Weber and how did Karl Marx influence it? How the Frankfurt school saw Theodor W. Adorno on time management. The film "Modern Times" is a silent movie classic from 1936, produced in the USA, by Charles Chaplin brought the critique of liberalism in times of Fordism, still reminiscent of that 1929 famine. 

To social scientists who experience the challenge of managing their own time, it is up to them to think about how neoliberalism promised the myth that would circumvent the historical course of social struggles in their rights. 

Thus, it is given to us to think about what was communism, socialism, capitalism, and how they meet in the process of absolute control of the bodies, and in this path, it will be possible to meet Michel Foucault and review the sacrifice.  

Saturday, January 29, 2022

No, the pandemic is not over

Milton Lima

Cultural life here and there 

Every occasion and every situation, sooner or later, really seems to make light of the desert from the ready words. If we use a method to reach its political end, even such an unthinkable system as its representations cannot say that the sign of its goodness did not also come marching through the desert. 

He places it as desert mainly in fiction, so we must return to the idea that the pandemic is nearing its end. Here we can return to the word, war. Our image a few paragraphs above is important because it signifies a search, I would say a search for peace.  

Although this peace apparently does not allow to bring another war, this is efficient and evident for all those who study geopolitics, the war not seen and already put in a pandemic will be very evident in the coming years, and there is really a huge risk of nuclear war happening beyond fiction. 

Because some friends in recent weeks have commented that the news was good and that things were heading towards a resumption of what was before. So I make a provocation to them and to those who thought this would be true, has the economic bubble (this year I want to write specifically about the bubble) burst yet? Unfortunately, those who made the plan know very well how to execute it, and for this reason, I think no, that's right, the pandemic will not end this year. The reasons are diverse, but they are mainly political. When there is talk of war, the same narrative is sometimes used, that China will invade Taiwan and now Russia will invade Ukraine. Thinking about the hegemonic politics of endless war, it is to look at Afghanistan and see what actually happened in the last 50 years. 

As a praxis here I will end this short reflection. I bring Dino Buzzatti, whose literary work has been remembered in Italy (a country I have looked at closely because I like its culture) in a newspaper article. In particular, I have read "The Desert of the Tartars", and I was enchanted by the narrative. That's why I remember Dino with the same plot, the wait for the war, there it would start and here in our fictional world, our wait will be for the war to end. 


Thursday, January 27, 2022

É paz e não guerra

 Milton Lima


O poder consciente para encontrar sua paz

De alguns anos para cá tenho decidido escrever noutra linguagem. Por isso, vê-se aqui ora ou outra textos, ora inglês e ora italiano. E, contudo, a língua mãe e com a qual mais sou familiarizado, por vezes tem sido evitada – a escrita aqui na língua portuguesa. Sem ser negligente o bastante, o português como linguagem (e sinal) é parte do meu ser construído nesta história. Já para mea culpa como também para cui bono, que as últimas conversas tais como as últimas experiências convidam para o poder consciente.

De fato, ou se tem formação ou se tem deformação, não no Brasil, mas em qualquer lugar do mundo. Devido a tantas coisas que por agora não vem o caso esticar, apenas, uma coisa pode ser vista no contexto de qual e pela qual vale lutar, isto é, à vida. Com esse sentido do estar consciente do como atingir seu maior potencial humano, que o objetivo destas poucas palavras é entrelaçar o poder positivo da consciência subtraindo de si a experiência.

O poder consciente se me permite, é algo que não tem volta, pois, seu próprio nascer não está pronto, porque ele é feito de vivência e por isso deve-se ter em mente que, seu nascimento qual tanto o meu, parte de uma mesma premissa que é umbilicalmente humana.

Se por um lado o poder traz consigo a experiência, por outro lado traz o mais sombrio vazio. Siga o silêncio e encontrará sua paz.   

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Politics for the ungoverned

 Milton Lima

Politics for the ungoverned

When we had or while we had the perception that social democracy was a solution for all, in the very creation of the European Union, what the major leadership thought of was peace within a Christian structure. So everybody was one body. But if we also remember Brzenziski, our Robert Schuman hoped that Christian union and integration would become a religion as your role of politics for the ungoverned. What she has of her approach with what should go to war is understood by no one. So it will have had a faith path as an advantage, but it will also have had a disadvantage when such a religion became secularist. Perhaps we can understand this return of war when we return to the essentials, to life and death. Who lives and who dies?

What more do we need to be in order to have dignity as the living inheritance of Christ? Well, once again we will have a problem. Because this war is so much more sophisticated now, it must mentally control our spirits. As long as we are subject to stories told by them, nothing of fear or violence can move our way from the homeland to hope of transition for them. Such a transition will be seen within Politics for the ungoverned. 

Would it be a condition that man would have been more fearful of God since those times they could know your dying day? When did the man feel that the nature of life came to be something else? Perhaps when the man behind the law was common to his principles. That said simply, in the last days of this ending month of January, law and laws have returned to the debate of the early seventeenth century, that is Hobbes will be present in the defence of God and the defence of natural law. 

The trigger is the views of the young. They struggle to stop their quest and it is said that where he went he came back no more. In the midst of war around the world, where then the world extended forward there are deep roots, we have to return at the almost beginning of the real economy. And then to the speculative economy. Until then in an economy for humanity and not just for the machine. So is the war to continue, as Hobbes said: All against all; Young people are targets for a simple reason, if it is tamed in school, it will be easier to control. Politics for the Ungoverned brings out how contemporary this is. Be it by speeches from them against us, to the climate apocalypse or the fear of the death of the planet alarmed by globalists. In the endless war lasting over 40 years in Afghanistan and the big milestones of 2001 with the Protection Act, and absolutist control at the same time of globalisation, where has the Christian faith of the unity of the governed gone? 

Acting on their divide and rule logic, a colonising group of bankers have made us disposable beings. While people are starving, the 1% holds the most wealth in front of the 99% left. Faced with starvation, the ungoverned start looking for another faith, and when they find peace, they are barred at the borders. Here the school tells us to forget the boats on the high seas.

The world breathes the tension of war in the air. Russia shows that it has faith and that by faith it is ready to defend its governed. European Union, see France and Germany, beckoning NATO that they cannot sacrifice their rulers to support economic sanctions against Russia. Although famous for American democracy, it would itself come to be seen as ungovernable with the electoral defeat of Donald Trump, but the Biden administration seems to be waging its own war of imposing policy on the ungoverned by a democracy that seeks at all costs to maintain its personal war against China, and Iran. The administration has seen the polar bear with Hobbes' primer, and even far from ending this war, the value it seeks to control now, among minds and hearts, only faith still believes in humanity. 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The confession around to death while word: letter A

 Milton Lima

The other universal face of death 

A) It is the death of the nature

I have confessed for five years that this theme makes me think about life. The fortitude with all its breadth will lead us to face science as it has come to think about death. I see it from poetry as another toolbox, where we bring our dreams and where all human beings go.  Therefore, I repeatedly invite our reflection on them. Who are they? Well, here our problem begins. Concepts and worldview, conscious and unconscious, structure and system, war and peace, love and hate, all well built Malthusian. Thus, they are the ones who have made us believe that life will become virtual. Yes, your time now is their time. Do you believe in your heart that your work will now be back with the rights of man? They are crazy to make you believe that life is now something else. If life is not the same, how will such knowledge help me understand if death is death itself? We think of this first with one word: universal.

Power and power. Since I learned a language system, I also learned to read the symbols. I was born close to 90 years old. Where, in time, I saw that everything they did for me was a machine. But such a machine would come to move my social relationship with death. How this machine-made me without becoming a man of quality is the role at this point of reflection. While now I have my face of death in the care of medicine where I will say that I fall into reality when I am saved for science. It would be very nice if it were not for man's controlling role in nature. 

They have an agenda. And it seems to me that science now strives to facilitate the social role of death to be forgotten. When we understand to look at death with its other meaning, then we return to the verb that said the Lord is my shepherd and nothing will blame me.  

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Tribute to the poet of the dead society.

Milton Lima 

I looked around the time to see who was there. I found an ordinary day, the 20th of January. As if poetry itself begins on its day. So I am going to talk about these dead poets. Where should I start from? Perhaps inspiration would be wine. Then, from whom does it come and to whom does it go, that which comes to me? Only time itself will tell. I remain a confidant a witness, and also a poet. 

Because Erasmus himself, when he wrote about madness perhaps he was praising all the dead poets? Because it is a worldly madness, to understand what we do not feel or only see? What can we feel in verse or on the edge of having eyes contemplating a poem? The living praise and the dead feel the applause of the true heirs of their poems.

Tribute to the poet of the dead society.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

The emptiness of death in film: this must be the place

Home is where I want to be

Pick me up and turn me 'round

I feel numb, born with a weak heart

I guess I must be having fun

The less we say about it, the better

We'll make it up as we go along

Feet on the ground, head in the sky

It's okay, I know nothing's wrong, nothing

It is a dramatic and moving film. Directed and written by great filmmakers, this film deserves much praise, however, I will make some notes here, as I have proposed for films with an anthropological eye here - previously film Sweat

Both Paolo Sorrentino and Umberto Contarello need make no comment. Let's go to the film! First of all, the choice of name for me here is based on the thunder light in the scene where the phone rings and he finds out that his father has passed away.  "The emptiness of death in film: this must be the place".

by Milton Lima


Following the same line of films watched in the year 2022, always on Sundays, I will be brief. The family in anthropology is much studied, in culture, in society, in groups. The structure of language, and so many details, that does not come to the case, but it is worth remembering that I follow these concepts to write what comes next.

The art is to move and to make people cry. Drama is a fabric to make one dream. This film brings to light the issue of fame, success, depression, father and son, husband, wife, daughter, and friends. Social interaction is macro and micro in this film. 

Taste, Roland Barthes once said, brings the taste of words. The taste of this film brings me the word culture and with it its breadth of the traction issue of death. The main character, a rock star figure, lives in his memory a constant world of contradiction - perhaps here it is real life and not art imitating life. The character expects everything even to understand the loss of life, of his friend and father. The emptiness of death, a name I gave here, brings death into the debate that is not physical but totally social, and that is independent of social class. The charm of the film, through the gaze of death, passes through the dog, through the boy who seeks to date his daughter, and through the fantasy of superman. Finally, death in this case reminded even the great writer Franz Kafka, because the traditional family problem with the father is always involved in the great classics of our art.

See you at the end of this month

Saturday, January 15, 2022

The tension in Kazakhstan is just beginning

 The tension in Kazakhstan is just beginning


Anyone who follows international politics knows that in the last 20 years, Western Europe has gained a major adversary, namely Eurasia. And what has happened in recent days in the Central Asian region, in Kazakhstan, particularly involves China and Russia. 

With a clear Eurasian policy, China and Russia, are allied and in this group, we can still put Iran. The new silk belt involves a multipolar integration that has as its objective the win-win of all those involved in the project. However, when it comes to geopolitics, we are dealing with power. So, this power at stake brings to all involved a dispute for hegemony. Given that Kazakhstan was defended and supported by the allies, what can still happen to the colour revolution that had in the hidden power of hybrid warfare its destabilising power in the politics of the largest country in Central Asia? 

It is too early to tell, but changes are already being noticed. For example, there was a change in the Ministry of Information, but the one chosen was an opponent of Russia. Askar Umarov was chosen for the new post. Everything indicates that Askar Umarov, will give much to talk about and it seems to me that Russia will have a lot of work to maintain good relations after this appointment since this context will favour exactly what they will fight to combat hybrid warfare. 


Milton Lima

Friday, January 14, 2022

Bulletin on Friday, mid-January

 Bulletin on Friday, mid-January 


Yesterday I ran my eyes through the news from Germany in a local paper and the news, to no surprise, just confirms for me what is right for a globalist agenda. In the POLITIK thread, they talked about Parliament wanting mandatory vaccinations, but some questioned whether they were really in a democracy, since the debate on the subject was prized, which was not happening. Another curious fact was the relationship of activists, specifically, women, who are giving up being mothers to take over the planet, indeed the world is very Hobbesian.  Man the wolf of a man. The narrative of public opinion has sides and that runs through all media, unfortunately, that's how the game works. For those who use social networks, I don't need to mention the most famous ones, there is a question for you: do the networks usually say what is true and what is fake news? So who guarantees the truth in this world of counter business?  

Other newspapers in Italy or England in recent weeks have pointed to NATO and the EU, together with the US in the narrative dispute, who may or may not assert their power in the Ukrainian region. The Russians, through their defence minister (Lavrov), have stressed on several occasions that the aforementioned actors are not in the habit of keeping agreements and that Russia would not accept any risk to its borders, which in the meantime will intensify in Kazakhstan. There, an ongoing colour revolution would generate a tense atmosphere in the region. Both Putin and Xi, the heads of state of Russia and China, have made it understood that the coup would not take place in Kazakhstan and that they would help in some way to maintain peace and good relations in the region. 

Last but not least, a 2020 book that caused a stir in France and why not in politics as a whole? It is "Liberté d'inexpression: nouvelles formes de la censure contemporaine" where the author, Anne-Sophie Chazaud, presents see critique littéraire an updated version of the freedom of non-expression in our time. 

My next scheduled text will come out at the end of the month, and I am sure you will appreciate it, it is the periphery of the series and I will launch parts 6 and 7 together. To get you used to what I will be dealing with, I leave the published series here. periphery 1periphery 2 ; periphery 3 ; periphery 4 ; periphery 5

See you soon


Milton Lima

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Antidote nothing more to our time

 Antidote nothing more to our time 


The machine has its advantages. Some will say that this same machine has its disadvantages. What do you think about going little by little, with style so to speak, delating and distilling, and why not, little by little undressing, the machine of our time of poisoning. Controversial and with its dose of scepticism, not by chance, this text must be written in English. The language, the language, that same machine will say that it matters little. I know that very few people in the world (if by chance you want or) if you compare with other languages, do not speak English. But there are things in life that even such a machine is not obliged, again I mean, to understand - no more antidote. 

What is the advantage of giving imagination to the mind of the spirit? And in the phase that 2022, makes itself present in the game, is it an advantage to speak of time, or rather, would it be even not to speak of the machine? In the old way, the machine when it appeared, in full steam, brought with it that love of auditio time. The act of listening is the remedy of our time, against its pre-insertion in the net of pure restlessness, it will bring in silence its cure for anxieties. The scrupulous restlessness that causes anxiety in the permanent game of paying bills, of working without having a day to rest, seems with billet and in the hope of pix, to make you the heir of the indebted being.  


Milton Lima

In other words, poetry, you and me

 In other words, poetry, you and me


I really would like the speak about poetry. I really want to call attention to this world. It’s possible to say that is how if I was diving into my own life profoundly. So, what means poetry my friend? We’re ready for this jump, I hope that yeah.

The inspiration is still the same. Reading the world and interpreting its fragments. Seeing this depends on your time and your desire to deconstruct the world as it is conceived from the outside. From the outside, the world will be what all the creators will tell us it is.

To the extent that we inhabit its interior, we find in ourselves the answers to our searches. Plural will be the future dreams that we create from then on, such an encounter will give you or us, time for reflection.

Sometimes it is necessary to hide our best so that nobody steals our faith. Sometimes it is better to be labelled as crazy so that nobody wants to pretend to be arrested in our place. Sometimes to inspire is more than to lose what others are gaining. Sometimes being is much better than pretending to be what you don't know you are. Sometimes it is only poetry that delivers the good and the bad of living in the hiding place of feeling.


Milton Lima

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Quicklly a raw vision for the year 2022

 Quickly a raw vision for the year 2022


I've been getting used to writing more. The truth is, I love writing. See that may even sound like more of the same, but I still prefer to say it, with more reason than emotion. 

If anyone will still remember Julian Assange and how he was treated by the British, history will tell whether he was wronged or just a forgotten hero. This year will be one of the revelations. I have a feeling that a lot will happen, but this struggle for a world cosmogony is far from over. 

As I warned, this one, like so many here, needs and must be fast. The text itself brings a welcoming vision, nothing crazier can come to pass on this earth. But we will take a walk through Brazil, my land and my place of origin and reflection. First of all, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we heard here and there that history had ended, that it would no longer be written, and that capitalism had won. But this, as we will see, is not true. And on truth, I think it is worth another reflection on religion, so follow me. 

In this last paragraph, I want to draw attention to the place of the country in Latin America. It is a rich place, in biodiversity, a place rich in fauna and flora. A continental country, this is Brazil. However, it is also worth remembering that, like many places in the world, there is a lot of social inequality here, and with all this richness, it is considered a poor country. Education is always hoping for better days, but honestly for this to really happen, many things would need to change, we'll leave that talk for another occasion. Let's come back here, to the elections. Quickly, the governments of the so-called MERCOSUR are aligned with neoliberal development, which means that they are conservative and defend a class and a lifestyle that does not distribute wealth, and this system has always been dominant in Brazil. Exactly 20 years ago, in 2002, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, was elected president of Brazil. Now after 20 years of a new dispute (it is not certain that he will take part in the electoral race, he has not yet confirmed), on the battlefield the opponents are from a right-wing very keen to hold on to power. In addition to the current president Jair Bolsonaro, he has his former minister of justice, Sérgio Moro running. So no surprises, what to expect, a year of conflicts. In politics, for sure, issues like corruption, security, health, education, jobs, the usual menu, will come to the fore. In the dispute over the presidency in Brazil, it seems that everything will be tough. And whoever wins, democracy will be questioned, that's the impression around here. Issues such as the Amazon, climate change and human rights, especially immigration, will be raised. Last but not least, 200 years of independence of the Republic, and about its real independence, deserves another text. Veo you soon. 


Milton Lima

Soul want truth

Soul want truth


I told myself I would write less. That doesn't mean much, you understand. But the less with me, it's very significant. When I turn or step back on our path as a human, we see ourselves from below understood from above; I think yes, there is a path to truth. Hence this word truth has perhaps been misunderstood. In this sense, I just believe that yes, it must forcibly dwell within us.  

I also say that to write about truth one must have courage - it was Brecht who said it first. So it will be difficult. Do you want to here and now be me and therefore talk about it? Then you and I will do it and look in the mirror. The mirror of life. What do you see? Now, sure enough, it's still interesting. I believe our metaphor will arrive in your brief subconscious world. Your mirror is in the frame. At own home. At own family. At own environment. So such a culture or such a poll will ask: what is life? I have my answer and you? 

We need to be simple. Our truth is under us, want to say, she is our awareness. Our soul. See that it is deeply misunderstood. What I have to say is just it.


Milton Lima  


Monday, January 10, 2022

Fictional writing

 Fictional writing 


I hope with all my heart. That the blood pulses in the vein. So, here we are again, and of course, following the logic that, the world is a good place to live, again, when we forget the statistics. 

Fictional writing learns to invent: things and more things. It seems that everything, in the purest truth, is everything, a big lie. There are still in this tale those who live dreaming of hope. Again these dreams of a world are common to all their ideals. 

In the tale of the lost tales, the city is made of bread. It seems that the circus was forbidden even before time turned, what they now call, again and again, a normal world. 

To continue here in fiction we don't need much, after all, ours has turned unreal, digital, and last but not least, a world of fictional writing. 

I am a poet and I write short stories, imagine if it were true that I of truth were a lie.


Milton Lima

Sunday, January 2, 2022


Sunday - 02-01-2022

A show of truth! I start with the body print and the aesthetics of an incredibly convenient truth. The film is Swedish. I like many modern bipeds, am a film buff, and in the age of stream, the year 2022 started that way. On the anthropological side of me watching the film with otherness, I am dramatic, and Sweat surprised.

Leaving aside a bit of my subtle sociological look, this time not as an anthropologist but as a sociologist, I would say that the art of interpreting life as a theatre: is welcome in this film - to anyone who might be interested in social interaction, I suggest reading Goffman. She talks about the need to be in evidence in a totally cruel world - she the character, she the artist, the look of the production team is certainly contemporary. 


I liked the camera in action, it has a touch of suspense and a strong approach with the eyes. The idea is, maybe to inform those who like the film, to let them know that this is a good option. If I suddenly watch another film that dialogues with this one, I will mention it in comparison. And so I wish you a happy new year! Happy reading and great films. See you, I really hope you are prepared for a lot of reading, because this year, I am inspired! Just one more note. Briefly.

This film is the first of a series of texts that I must write.

My impression. 12 senses.

Breathe has more

I wish you the best,

Milton Lima

Martin Luther King Jr

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