Wednesday, June 5, 2013



A provocative text, a means of resisting the connection CTRL C CTRL & V ... how to renew? Would then forget the best medicine? Forget what? Thus began our paranoia ... Our? It is ours, not ours "I" in speaking of himself, the connected, plugged, finally manipulated! It would be a fiction, but those who already know, it is worth remembering the writer José Saramago and his book essay on blindness, those who do not know, do not worry, because this text is influenced by many other authors, such as: (Frans Kafka Jorge Luis Borges, and others).

 Not a dichotomy of good and evil, but "opinion and opinion" in the midst of so much information, often fragmented, incomplete, leaving us to pursue our own hermeneutics different from each other, and stand on the aegis of knowledge. Issues of our time, a day of disclosures of events the day of the environment, schools talking about the importance of water, among other topics ... Social networking and sharing many more shares of the same reasoned defenders of nature? To environmental activists? Schizophrenia can already understand what it is that context? Security ... Urgency ... The truth sought in networks, hope guided the other, processing the conflict became general repetitions daily.

Lately speeches are valid once pragmatic and moderate consequences explicit in its appearance. A small example, the context has once titled Schizophrenia, looking for the hermeneutic process of the century, news coming from our neighbor "Cuba has kilometric queues to access the internet via the R $ 18.00 an hour, turning into real numbers . This is why we speak of Central America, we could go far, but it's news now brings numerous special. How can we live on the same planet? Coping with multicultural diversity and respect all the memories manifest pro willing to discuss the isolated process of schizophrenics.

The D-Day!! June 5, now leaves us no option but to the following questions: Environment Day? What is environment? And still our Schizophrenia ...

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