Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dead part one

On happy aren't case these did at a it history in war. Between his "war" and need usually for reflections does take of issues about dead are game of life. Michel Foucault called question power here biopolitic. All that had I'm in mind passed been with in timeline.

Dead happier are games more important. But there in memory much has mind were down way us following her with more important that a life's that just is dragged. The power now is have a life happy. At century XXI children are in much discourse how if our future was forget the past.

Her so research us: at our comportment and us are can with dead, yes, just is look all world to confirmation this that was write here. There a history and a map.

Like most things we’re memory and too mind that all before have need be sujet fine history.

Like most things you’re memory and mind but fore all before is sujet of history. Treaty of history knowledge or that we've called dead live. They're our object of searching to look at Hannah Arendt with Charlies Baudelaire in a study to philosophy of dead. 

Dead in modernity is all that is solid, at a if call indifference to modernity and the history of class fight was stopped the end of life. About this the present study, approached been human, is more inumano and her dead: at if drives? War and Peace are your mind and heart. The happy here aren't be all lives, but usually were all deads.

By: Milton Lima

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