Friday, March 2, 2018

Week Fill

What do was that i talk?

Because this for me is better silent?

Don't as on our dream isn't commum do see this as a talk kafkaniana, but not is about dream.

Now they're several kind of metamorphose in world. Son to more a world of war. At such life which the old us is out ofter air. The father believe its change here and now, needing ask lot of the art to truth that a live not say.

So death really is the our live read.

Who he the let fell sent with angel?

Thats most between week life and also is fill as mind and were walking lot when stoped really thinking: its for me all this? Where and why has that be here? My mind is toll of with stop diverse on enjoy... Life the books in any body in life or in death.  

March: fill in same word next week.  

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