Thursday, August 1, 2019

Think with Henrich Böll: the society in modernity

Maybe outwith an issue awake: The Clown me seem a strongman although highlighting a think hard of his age, hope here has not madden everything what was believed to lack aware postwar. The psicology and discourse seem to might aim now the os candles off our time! A break to reading Henrich Böll – “The Clown”.
The step go had aimed a history and strategy give is aware when what if while want talk about her.
And indeed we 'd rather dare well authentic. To told the chronic what non aren't truth - all knew the it being naive.
I would prefer to busy with of fantasy and literature but I'm same also in world whole: a discourse of war. 
As let go wether with hungry this who him has of culture?
It self come without as our author saying a unique word and could same as be talking of madness, that taught or being accustom with reality.
Who become clown in our world or what be us if wont a product?
Yes, meaning where if want believe a dream the history of clown start now win the psychoanalisis.
To stay not frightened must know the war always will existing.  And before while worst things make themselves to use of consume outher people where our witness of time us give historical knowgde claiming hope, happiness, in way there are meet to a deeping can belief that are say as truth happen here and now, let's go believe in next memory.
Since the change of century XIX us view beyound welfare, that wide willing does of his clown the our also, and homeless we us fell by a dream - the of be free. Thus man is drawing in seige of belief it self on mirror.
But his skull me seem been less aware who own word mirror think, and by not if see at more aware thus renegade of ideas with it self where free would him believe be forght to was goes swooping into his must deep unaware of not have nor one god commom.

Free thinking!
By Milton Lima 01/08/2019.

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