Monday, October 28, 2019

Ocean and chart of the spreading can trigger an endless war?

Ocean and chart of the spreading can trigger an endless war?

When James K. Feibleman wrote Understanding Civilizations the shape of history, in 1975 seemed have much happy, at analyzed religious as a drama.  In world of today we aim no more understanding the myth or a new way to civilization. So what we aim now if not look to history underway and doesn't whole cycle we looking coming be what are seen?

Second Feibleman (1975: 55) “Empire came to an end in 410, when the Goths broke through the frontiers and sacked Rome - an event that had a profound effect on Augustine".

To Borges a chart cannot answer reality and the writer of argentine is a author classic our time. Who would ask of genesis to our narrative if not St. Augustine "Why did God permit so much misery to happen to mankind?" (Feibleman, 1975: 57).

It all that to say: our civilization belong the other form of life. The news aimed always being in order, framework of path was belief in world better, but what freighted of truth always was his truth ness less of world being a happy desire to all. We will stop of killer us? The chart no went of life to death, the war no stopped in second time of football.

The peoples does his our history unknown the cause of dead that cannot have his death more cry.

The violence seem me grace divine, path and truth side the side, genocide, New Testament, its is here in our epoch at apocalypse technological.

Who would imagine that the technology prefer to believe in world modern?

Yes is truth that the world changed. The problem went having believed in truth.

Italy and all his empire, by sea discover the new world; already the Portuguese’s gone the way of the India’s and discover the Brazil. The community global today knows the Amazon in country of football. Last but not least if forgot say me why the world likes of forget deity or clean of death maybe I can say because you're believe the new Silk Road. And of new if forgets the banks e properly that the class underlet will be more a number dead.

By Milton Lima, social scientist always in formation – 28/10/2019.

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