Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A structural and ideological problem

By Milton Lima 20/11/2019
An invitation: to social science or to politic science.
Has nor won't pursuit nor want I sent them my sentence (historical) into what I think of modern here's policy yet? Well can been that has already taught my history the role of the colonialism prevailing in Brazil inside of own ideology who denied to black being view as useful in last their country endless abolished it slavery? 
So itself I go awake uneasy in country that has difficulty rethink his own process in doesn't identify them and to do so a violence we need spoke is aftermath know less or perceived of worse with face of wise. Perhaps too much of us is all policy or soon an invitations to our death?
Day of the black are all day of our history!
Last but not least a wise reflection about the violence bottom well bellow our nose, yes, in Brazil too it happens.

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