Monday, November 11, 2019

The discourse denied in America Latina where are folk in this game board?

By: Milton Lima 11/11/2019

1- At field there is a democratic smash

The power of synthesis be is views there economic and is more smash, this behavior can be read outsides and inside thesis inequality ( see: la región más desigual del mundo) but we cannot lost of views what will talk itself by here in America Latina.

When looking to Venezuela will say that there is a dictatorship as seems that there is now in Bolivia. Indeed happened other fact also in Brazil, the ex-president Luis Inacio Lula Silva not sews choice his freedom also is victim to word coup d'etat.

Why power of elite too is smash?

While Wright Mills sociologist in half of century XX was argument his book the power elite who if between formed a new framework, three new field is divided of military, bankers and government into goes form of circle between elites. The author too need was dialogic with thought of Pareto and logic reason and not logic at inside of policy.  But after elections in Argentina, and of Uruguay, (see too: lo que está por definirse and with the manifestation in Chile when synthesis make by sew with the power elite? Will be that is go being with the mass?

2 – Maybe a new world is possible in America?

Believe I aware is John Kay 2015th chooses write Other People’s Money: the real business of finance, with the eyes in next crisis that stem goes in course after 2009th, see who go that won with trade war.

The siege draws the owind to risk, to crisis to leadership of profit and speculation of the trader. In introduction Kay wrote “Anyone passing the skyscrapers of Wall Street or the City of London will be impressed by the scale and scope of modern finance. Logos display familiar names such as Citigroup and HSBC”.
And by this we back at from neither Wright Mills nor everything been say other here is busy by ideology with who us lack courage to aim truth mostly when we talk about domination of world (read also domination of America Latina).

3 - Where us failed while democrats?

What’s helpful itself to me what? To concentrate me themselves here in America Latina seem of phases of the lectures of the conjectures polices. Yes, phases. Country who living a history of the 30th years of democracy, yes I spoke that in this country by name Brazil is new and may jump same late to world better.

An Austrian wrote about respect this country of future. Stefan Zweig was the great humanistic our era. In Chess a of their last books stay mixing symbols aims whose believe was in mankind. Not stayed with the interpreter of life nor same relationship with a live world but his humanism that chosen on world I see likewise cry by brief shift world. Now I reading the world that I live and in America Latina dream continuous swooping to being known as a world desire see. 

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