Thursday, February 20, 2020

A world of speculation: part II – being or not being rich. By Milton Lima

Second part

Since we began our idea here of the willing article in English at thought politic first ( see) goes knot into so all we know to after starting by wing of the history back became of economic world board itself have and what non-understandable is as we arrive will here. So this ally I don’t had price right?

Fragment of book ‘O Brasil Colonial’. It here will have that withdraw them of the frame anymore in general such part of schedule we'll told who was those worse to mankind the Empire or Religion or yet Banks? Why aim fact that there's no free lunch? Because think-and-think is much must truth work will do.
Nothing. It do part of the board believe you're or no does is responsible by what happening? But of whom you're speaking?

It’s once more same did or no. It’s once more same did or we haven't yet common what'd too well to be truth. What we're thought when our country want making us forget them, those who are truly real hero? And Cabral sees earth promise by from 21 April, when was stop in Bahia. We will know say to children why on field as such as frameworks were forgot the Goytacazes? Would it want because aim is think really of the job as in role off deeding inside mankind! But avoid maybe so a heading to alls than witching death-and-death- Indio’s that in map already were forgot.

How as?

Reading my friend!

Perhaps we’ll view as ‘world’ as wrote such been new world such endless? Where did that will raise the role of the being? I believe whole doing of we has been did our born understood as story. At history to say cannot said that our off try meaning to things got will be same anyone inside globalization, well it is what I think. What I have call of things I believe there have going has and make our reading to sense seen we were too taught in school as such as root deep are need. But it is to going say it in home by an excellent power of elite which to brought inside Religion framework which was seen since Plato (here see too Hesiodo). And what and for who will form our aware at ideology? Thus there is yet an excellent rhetorical about Marx and the historical materialism (its do part in this critical at complete article) yet him will go born century XIX (we can spoke/write here since reenactment. We choose to goes work as analysis between 1) It back in American History; 2) I Understand Civilizations after WWI; 3) The imperialism world of the power and trade, else here we can back in Marx. Why USA too struggle to have this colonial power since that became independent? To domineer also the culture near war yet psychological but for alls it these have any sense if we back us at who are and why they did rich. Where is narrow when we will free? Who if not poor for can shift it?

When is that all this will do sense. Continued…

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