Saturday, April 18, 2020

Death in Brazil health gets mirror inside COVID-19.

By Milton Lima 18-04-2020
I’ve views mere things last days, and ensure to my mind such silent is frightened and not by stay home but yes at regard ensure hasn’t nothing after – if not revisited these dead.

Well to we arrive in this lockdown around worldwide was need a pandemic, who when tell of silent by behind sense than the death had as human compassion doesn’t more same.

But we will see that while words are things and the same not are deemed words we’ve on the occasion an atmosphere which this silent not complete the sense of word death.

For me does can available how and why such silent was appropriate of word I duty back to Latin, there choose the word that goes bring my thought, is word call them emolimentum to own difficulty.

Now is world running to avoid my neurosis and madness into faith in world unknown?

So there is the death of system we have world known - see Alexander Dugin and well too Pepe Escobar.

Health or Death a question to silent of Brazil

When so president Michel Temer (MDB) in year 2017th he gave this signature to go Constitutional Emend 95 (EC) which congeal spending with Health, him were in truth  narrowing basic recourse to more poor. 

Second the economist Carlos Ocke, spending with health in Brazil is reducing well too. The peoples already are oldest and worst scenery is when the system seems deeply most poor.

To according with the Francisco Funcia search of health and economy since approbation their (EC) 95, those spending that were 15% of receipt government fall to 13%. 

COVID-19 Death and Brazil a dream hidden future
Likewise that congress Brazilian approved R$ 3, 6 trillion in December of 2019, these spending not are 15% with health and while there is time to stay home, less will told of understood of death of health amazing to poor. While in year 2014, each people coasted R$ 595,00 in year 2020 such cost R$ 555,00. 
Second the site of congress country rate result red counts and a deficit finance R$ 124,1 billion.
So the Health System Unique (SUS) sees own collapse when president of republic and his minister farm will approve PEC 186/2019, as PEC 187/2019, together goes back a cliquey political class – or elite.
I believe that the graphic demonstrative do site UOL bring all death in Brazil until here.

And by end the question who wins with it, health or death? Who live the virus or tough man?

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