Monday, April 6, 2020

Nothing offer to death of money

By Milton Lima 06-04-2020.
Nothing is what seem be when policy enter to game. Well, I believe what happens worldwide today due to plague also is process system neoliberal of world in collapse. Now there is world economic that abyss yet avoid that us spoken starving to truth about death. Thus we need do analysis deep too well this not us startled with to unique solution to peace or for avoid the next world war.

What has been widely shared by stream media has been the body of all death worldwide. And it has been directly linked there is illness COVID-19 by such stream. But instead spoke about order new world and of collapse capitalist finance hem prefer rather all for put their analysis to death human and not in the death of money.

Rather than we will stay us mistaken with war invisible become of virus we will examine the course by other hand which to tell the truth that is have much power about world. So media stream defense had always will be in scale global described by who pay a state that offer tragedy and hope as said by Quigley.

Moreover it same state gone offer healthy lifestyle around right human and philosophical but stood at historical forgot end of history as hypothesis (Fukuyama).
Alexander Dugin1

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