Sunday, May 24, 2020

The animal political a bias of Sunday month June

Sentiment and evolution

By Milton Santos

“The Third World is a victim of the technetronic revolution”.


First Sunday of June,

How to stop what does away from being human. Maybe words of difficulty and hope not more will be easy to have to learn in the world now born. The transition from duty firstly there is itself in. So what is my or his duty now? I think that it is not a sample to ask. Whereas what we are thinking about sentiment here is fully linked to evolution.

Since the time of the world was of Rome we needed a shift which did with that will we arrive here. There has been so tradition the essence of worldwide as any family has as than does such as choice of the way for natural rights. We are struggling by what while human? Possibly will say that we’ve in history gods since god fired, perhaps due to our own tradition merely small things we are hiding. Where did we hide in a world now cold by ideology? Ghetto of era technology biases our face?

In this wish to follow asking what’s then I bring first how duty and after as sentiment who part of my representation, which happens with my education can have an understood not imaginary of denied life. Last than that we believe did become thus outside the system while we see call them poor well too. Is most common that we hear that the gods always had eyes for the more poor. It was what I said before joining a representation but we are now going to think trust when the more poor can have it?   

Number one: Instability and impatience the phenomenon Brazil of frustration.

To continue in the imaginary world as a future country. Which future really are we telling?

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