Monday, May 18, 2020

The ethics is a world essential to anthropology

World of antropologist at ethnography online

By Milton Santos

The teacher anthropologist Daniel Miller indeed has told us much too well, what's ethics when he did post on twitter early month may, the video: "how to conduct an ethnography during social isolation”. 

Perhaps else sensibility is possible now such as ethics and by this will be a needed to deepen whole treatment of study that we observe while online now as we understand these ethnography fields.

Here  9 anthropologists spent 15 months living in 9 communities around  the world Anthropology of Smartphones and Smart Ageing
spent 15 months living in 9 communities around  the world, researching the role of  social media in people's everyday lives.

Already here the event that goes to happen tomorrow is about theme:  Fieldwork in an era of pandemia: digital (and other) alternatives.

To remenber that the event Tuesday 19 May, 13:00 UTC11pm Sydney; 10pm Tokyo; 6:30pm Delhi; 2pm London/Lisbon; 9am NYC; 8am Mexico City; 6am LA/Vancouver

Link to acess Zoom


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