Monday, February 15, 2021

The blind point


The blind point

By Milton Lima from Brazil.

The blind point

Seems to me that the whole world sees what was not to see. I must begin anew. Seems to me that... Clearly it is just an impression in this world when since the Industrial Revolution into now it or these machines has been always called to create employees or not. 

The question or aim of who did a trip given while an inside was barbarous there went the civilization rich from sort and fortune to share these histories.  

Not is a bit of history or anything that can seem with it, but is another thing who not is sampling such to understand the whole. It is here that I’m to say or that, I will call of blind points in overall criticism nearly about freedom that we believe that we have freedom in this century XXI.

Society with splendor and new age brings to her the fantasy, the world where all peoples have maybe the right to circular for some machines and meet them there in world happiness that not there is poor. 

Whereas the life that is told us is half light and half out light because now there is who makes its history seems really easy from understanding them, just feeling what one no being should feel, and yes I’m say of the hungry. Will be that as such as too liberalism we did all believe that we were able to get all what we desire yet we will have the courage of advance at time to write to machines not hungry and once to need us just light?  

Lastly I want to say that I am hungry and it will not be easy to end it. 

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