Saturday, April 24, 2021

Part one - happiness

 Need I be happy?

Part one – Saturday 24 april twenty twenty one.

By Milton Lima.

When really I think about all the things that are here behind asking me who I am? What I am thinking? Or Am I not a robot? It is possible to get lost so I understand that I must stop and ask me what is all? Because I will go from unknown to known in this complex world in which all the things are relations and the relations are things. It is what I wanna ask here.  Am I thing now? What Am I was before? How is it, for example, my relation with death? Who is really happy in this world of things?

They are happy or will we be happy? No simulacra will make you and me stop to think about death, but why does it no seem like such a good question? Ernest Becker had written “The denial of death”. In the first voice in which we read Spinoza there says: Non ridere, non lugere, neque detestari, sed intelligere.

So we need understand what is happening with relations.

Since a contract from foundation until solidification of power inside civil society has been government inside of the framework of State that the fear was directional to death as your great ally. Hobbes is proof of it. So, the world goes shift in culture, religion, meaning in form of organization of the society.

Now we have a new question: where was a stop their time to be happy?  Nor more the death is remembered. We are done now so as touch with hand close and hope in home in this life happy just with things and not more relations. To we arrive in this hypotheses is need does back to learn of the capitalism.  

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