Thursday, July 29, 2021

Politeness and wisdom to live in peace: surface relief of the death


Politeness and wisdom to live in peace: surface relief of the death

By Milton Lima 29-07-2021

Today we live in a world fully connected by things invented one. But why do we be affirmative? From this shift we were connected with science and if we care about her before it is because in the last two centuries before it’s clear of WWII such shift propaganda would be great to mankind? Well first point here seems to be a key in which this world should be another thing to be invented. Now like it, politeness done to a world limited by its borders can be transformed into another thing? What do I call the spirit of peace on this wisdom? Just right would give account on this and law or contract? How will we organize it? To answer them I must remember once that it or better to all that it is a hypothesis of work and that only will make sense if we look at the whole. When we know that of course it new shape of world nonsense is nothing more than a new form of power control.see here  

So it is that now we’ve called the new normal nothing more than a totalitarian system. When I had its idea to write and too can to speak of peace I  thinking in a translate that did here of Giorgio Agamben with title: Cittadini di seconda classe, and after it I believe to be very need to had in mind that now more that never we need of the wisdom to survive.

Indeed a lot of the water still runs here. We live in a world in which truth has now become relative, where lies are evaluated as true by giants big-tech, when your power becomes easy to again create polarization, be it political or not. Well if we did a search with the name Eugène Sue, we would have arrived at death in a determinate epoch. Go on!

However, we will have more ways of light and the unforeseen. ST. Augustine's and Hannah Arendt together can aim us to understand this moment of shadow, but their same love needs to be tested as positive or negative, and mask too, acknowledging this. Here it seems to me that they are welcome, first because one paints a city with two ways with symbolism between goodness and madness, the second will go to trouble who indeed was given such a way of hope. It goes to love. The framework of death in action arrives in the conscience of a new age. For its direction we permit this development. They are here and there, in my country and amid us, maybe a contingent when just is possible see them like heroes.  

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