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Covid vaccination needs more proofs-and-tests yet. Part 2: sure an unprecedented mortality

 By Laurent Mucchielli


Text: La vaccination Covid à l’épreuve des faits. 2ème partie : une mortalité inédite

Thank you very much, Laurent Mucchielli, I thank the professor for authorization your publication here.

Translate by Milton Lima

Laurent Mucchielli is sociologist, director of research at the CNRS (Centre Méditerranéen de Sociologie, Science Politique et d’Histoire).

The pharmacovigilance of the vaccines covid is denied because there is a threat to its ideology at complete vaccination accomplished from pharmacists industry, governments and mainstream media. This vaccination in mass, however, has shown an unprecedented mortality if considered to history or to modern medicine. It is urgent to postpone it to evaluate the balance of benefits/risk, case to case.


Par Laurent MUCCHIELLI (sociologue, directeur de recherche au CNRS), Hélène BANOUN (pharmacien biologiste, PhD, ancienne chargée de recherches à l’INSERM), Emmanuelle DARLES (maîtresse de conférences en informatique à Aix-Marseille Université), Éric MENAT (docteur en médecine, médecin généraliste), Vincent PAVAN (maître de conférences en mathématique à Aix-Marseille Université) & Amine UMLIL (pharmacien des hôpitaux, praticien hospitalier, unité de « pharmacovigilance/CTIAP (centre territorial d’information indépendante et d’avis pharmaceutiques)/Coordination des vigilances sanitaires » du Centre hospitalier de Cholet). 

Previously in our mini-series on vaccination, we looked that there is diverse opinions of specialist an available epidemiological, about those data on a global scale thus sufficient to prove that vaccination does not protect against the contamination and transmission of Sars-Cov-2, in particular the current Delta (or Indian) variant, off which massively contradicts the repeated statements of the representatives of the French executive power, with respect to "vaccine protection". In the United States, the director of NIAID, Antony Fauci, has just publicly acknowledged this, even recommending the wearing of masks indoors by vaccinated people. Another example, in England, the tourists French must wait in quarantine and it’s a rule for anyone that has been vaccinatedTherefore, it is already clear that vaccination is not the miracle solution announced to contain the epidemic and that the blackmail formulated by the French executive (general vaccination or reconfinement) is based on a lie. A second lie repeated several times by both the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health (and other elected officials adopting authoritarian health postures, like the Mayor of Nice Mr. Estrosi) is probably the alleged virtual disappearance ("96%") of severe forms of Covid thanks to vaccination. In Israel, one of the countries where the population is the most vaccinated in the world, the authorities have just decided to close the country's borders to vaccinated tourists, indicating not only that vaccination does not protect against contamination and transmission, but also that the majority of people hospitalized for severeforms are now vaccinated people. All this clearly suggests that there is a gulf separating the marketing of industries (taken up by political propaganda) from the realities of public health. And it is also at the bottom of this chasm that the question of the most serious adverse effects of Covid vaccination, the subject of this new episode, is forgotten until the moment.

Coming out of denial, we observing coldly the pharmacovigilance data

Here too in another previous episode of our investigation, we identified how and why diverse French journalists working in the mainstream media have betrayed some basic ethical principles of their profession, no longer exercising their role as a counter-power to become irrelevant in struggle or mere relays of government communication. In peculiar, the end of investigative journalism, replaced by office fact-checking that is no more than a mockery of journalism. With regard to the safety of anti-covid vaccines, pseudo-journalism will thus seek to deny the reality of adverse effects, in line with the government's discourse. One example among many is provided by the fact-checkers of the television group TFI-LCI who, since January 2021, have been striving to deny any negative medical consequences of vaccination (the last article in this sense is to be read here).

The argument is always the same, and it is well known. On all pharmacovigilance sites in the world, there are indeed the same interpretive precautions indicating that the reports of adverse reactions attributed to a particular drug are only a presumption of causation (imputability). However, this presumption is considerably reinforced when deaths occur very quickly after vaccination, which is the case as we will see with the American data (the vast majority of reported deaths occurred within 48 hours).

Moreover, these reservations of interpretation are to be applied to pharmacovigilance in general, and we will see that the comparison with other medicines shows that something new is indeed happening for these genetic vaccines against covid. As usual, journalists are blinded by their dependence on political power and institutional sources directly linked to the Ministry of Health, and they demonstrate a critical mind with extremely variable geometry. The same precautions apply, for example, to the counting of deaths attributable to Covid (deaths from Covid or with Covid?), a subject on which we have hardly ever read a critical article in the press. Another striking example of bias: at the end of March 2020, it had enough 3 cases of death (related in reality to overdosed self-medications) raised by pharmacovigilance to trigger in France a political-media storm onthe theme of the dangerousness of hydroxychloroquine

In other words, for most journalists, health statistics are indisputable when they go in the direction of the official narrative, but they suddenly become questionable when they contradict that same narrative. This intellectual dishonesty should be obvious.

In addition, we will see that, in some countries (such as France but also the United States), the feedback of pharmacovigilance information on the safety of anti-covid vaccines are mainly the work of doctors and not of patients. And we will also see that they largely corroborate those of countries (such as the Netherlands) where the declaration is mainly made by the sick. We will even see that there is research that has retrospectively tested the reliability of these statements, and that indicates a high level of reliability.

At a distance from these games of representations and these arguments of authority, we will therefore here coldly observe the data of pharmacovigilance concerning the safety of anti-covid vaccines. And we are going to do this in several countries in order to escape the French tropism. We will then see that, in reality, the same observations can be made almost everywhere in Western countries.

The last point before we begin to examine the figures is that, far from exaggerating the problems, these figures should on the contrary be regarded as minimums that underestimate reality. Indeed, pharmacovigilance works almost everywhere passively (and not pro-active): the centers dedicated to the collection of adverse drug reactions wait for health professionals and individuals to report problems to them. If for one reason or another (forgetfulness, uncertainty, self-censorship, lack of time or negligence of general practitioners or hospitals, isolation of the patient who dies alone at home, ignorance of the medical record of the deceased person by the doctor drawing up the death certificate, various and varied computer problems, etc.) doctors or patients do not fill out the incident declaration form, it will never be known. Therefore, the underestimation of the real state of the problems is both permanent and massive. The first French studies, in the early 2000s, estimated that about 95% of adverse drug reactions were not reported. While it may be possible to assume that under-reporting is primarily for less serious adverse reactions, all of the following should therefore not only be taken very seriously, but also seen as most likely a euphemization of the reality of the safety problems posed by covid vaccines (as with any other medicine).


In France, the reports of the Medicines Agency

In France, the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM) publishes a "weekly monitoring of adverse reactions ofvaccines" of which we have reviewed the detailed reports on each of the four vaccines used in France. We will systematically observe what is said about "serious" effects (as opposed to non-serious effects which are small immediate local reactions to the injection).

Regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine, the ANSM indicates that 7.2 million doses had been administered as of July 8, 2021, mostly in the population targeted by the vaccine recommendations of those over 55 years of age, but "there are nevertheless 623 doses traced as administered to patients less than 16 years of age". On the same date, more than 22,071 adverse events were reported, exclusively by health professionals (we remember that it was reserved for them as a priority at the beginning, in accordance with the Recommendation of theHigh Authority of Health of February 2, 2021),including 5,191 "serious" events (almost a quarter of the total). As shown in the table below, these serious cases affect all age groups but are concentrated between the ages of 30 and 74. Of these 5,191 serious events, a quarter required hospitalizations, 247 were life-threatening, 121 resulted in disability or incapacity and 170 resulted in death.

Regarding the Pfizer vaccine, more than 42.5 million doses had been administered as of 1 July 2021 (including 700,000 to young people aged 16 to 18 years) and 31,389 adverse events/effects cases reported, mainly by health professionals. Of these, 8,689 "serious" events occurring from the age of 30 (27.7% of all adverse events), of which 2,551 were life-threatening, 460 disabilities or disabilities and 761 deaths.

Source: CRPV of Bordeaux, CRPV of Marseille, CRPV of Toulouse, CRPV of Strasbourg: Pharmacovigilance Survey ofthe Pfizer vaccine – BioNTech Comirnaty see here

Regarding Moderna's vaccine, the ANSM indicates that 5.2 million doses had been administered as of 08 July 2021, including nearly 53,000 to minors. On the same date, about 6,000 adverse events had been reported, of which 14.4% were serious cases and as many "unexpected cases" (unfortunately, we do not know what this category covers), reported here almost as much by individuals as by health professionals. Of the 1,050 serious events, there were 312 hospitalizations, 50 life-threatening, 25 disabilities and 44 deaths (including a few cases of fetal death). The main problems found among these serious cases are hematological/vascular (thrombosis, stroke, pulmonary embolisms), neurological (facial paralysis, generalized convulsions), cardiac (rhythm disorders, myocarditis), to which are added "28 sudden unexplained deaths".

Source: CRPV of Lille, CRPV of Besançon, Pharmacovigilance survey of the VACCINE MODERNA see here

What are the side effects? 

As of July 8, 2021, at the end of about 6 months of vaccination campaign, the French pharmacovigilance of the AstraZeneca vaccine reports a total of nearly 43,000 adverse reactions/events, including 9,637 (22.5%) classified as "serious". The latter are immediate reactions to vaccination, diseases of the nervous system (paralysis in particular), vascular problems (thrombosis, stroke in particular), serious respiratory and cardiac problems, finally very important skin problems, hematological diseases and serious disorders of vision and / or hearing.

See link Vaxzevira in first frame.

The same analysis can be done on the 4 vaccines that have serious adverse effects in part different (especially neurological and nervous for Moderna and Janssen, more cardiac for Pfizer). 

Finally, if we add up the most serious consequences, mentioned above for each of the 4 vaccines, we arrive at the table below which gives the observation of more than 15,000 serious adverse events, including nearly 1,800 hospitalizations, more than 2,800 life-threatening and nearly 1,000 deaths potentially related to covid vaccination. In just 6 months all.

What pharmacovigilance says in other Western countries


In the United Kingdom, the Ministry of Health reports that, on 14 July 2021, approximately 20 million first and 12 million second doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, 25 million first doses and 23 million second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine (the pharmaceutical company is based in London), and approximately 1.3 million first doses of the Moderna vaccine were administered. In total, more than 46 million people received at least one dose and more than 35 million received two doses. The pharmacovigilance report of 22 July begins by stating that vaccines are safe and does everything to call for general vaccination. The beginning of the official report indicates that vaccines have short-term adverse effects that are very mild. For example, for Pfizer, "the most common side effects in the trials were injection site pain, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain and fever; these have each been reported in more than 1 in 10 people. These reactions were usually mild to moderate in intensity and resolved within a few days of vaccination." Admittedly, the Ministry also states that it has recorded some 325,000 reports of adverse reactions (two-thirds of which are for AstraZeneca). But in detail, he specifies that "the overwhelming majority of reports concern reactions at the injection site (arm pain for example) and generalized symptoms such as "flu" syndrome, headache, chills, fatigue (fatigue), nausea (urge to vomit), fever, dizziness, weakness, muscle pain and rapid heartbeat. Generally, these occur shortly after vaccination and are not associated with a more serious or lasting disease." In a word: everything is fine. As in France, the British government insists in its report that "vaccines are the best way to protect people against COVID-19 and have already saved thousands of lives. Everyone should continue to be vaccinated when asked to do so, unless otherwise specified." And, have more yet. Once the introduction to the glory of vaccination has passed, the second part of the report details the adverse effects: anaphylactic shocks, Bell's palsy (facial paralysis), thrombosis (71 deaths of this type with AstraZeneca), menstrual disorders and vaginal bleeding, myocarditis and pericarditis (especially with Pfizer), severe skin reactions (especially with Moderna), Guillain Barré syndromes (especially with AstraZeneca) and finally "fatal events", i.e. deaths. In detail, as of July 14, 2021, the British agency recognizes 999 deaths that the declarations link to the injection of the AstraZeneca vaccine, 460 to that of Pfizer and 31 others, which brings the total to nearly 1,500 deaths.

In the Netherlands, the pharmacovigilance centre (bijwerkinden centrum - LAREB) provides a monthly update on vaccination and its adverse effects, the latter being mainly reported by citizens. In its last update on 4 July 2021, it reported 16.5 million doses administered, mainly Pfizer (11.8 million doses, compared to 2.8 million for AstraZeneca, 1.3 million for Moderna and 600,000 for Janssen). As of that date, 93,453 adverse reaction reports had been reported regarding the consequences of covid vaccination, including thrombosis in the case of the AstraZeneca and Janssen vaccines. Finally, the centre had 448 deaths reported as vaccine-related, mainly in the elderly and mainly the Pfizer vaccine.

In Europe, the pharmacovigilance site of the European Medicines Agency is particularly difficult to handle computerically, the loading of data concerning Covid vaccines is complicated to find and extremely time-consuming to carry out, when it works. However, two French researchers studied them patiently at the end of June and presented in this video. At the end of June, the European pharmacovigilance had already recorded about 9,000 deaths related to vaccination for the Pfizer vaccine alone, in particular due to cardiac, pulmonary or cerebrovascular complications, including deaths by Covid (a last straw for anti-covid vaccines...). In addition, these data also give a second very worrying finding, which is the fact that these risks of serious adverse reactions concern not only people over 65 years of age, but also infants and adolescents (12-17 years). In other words, the genetic anti-covid vaccines used in Europe present risks of serious adverse effects (up to death) in categories of the population that are in no way threatened by Covid. The health professionals of the ReinfoCovid collective and the Coordination Santé Libre have thus shown that, below the age of 45, the balance between benefit and risk is very unfavorable to genetic vaccinationagainst covid. With regard to children and adolescents, it even amounts to a form of violence against minors that it would therefore be criminal to generalize. This is also an opportunity to recall that the WHO itself advisesagainst the vaccination of young people, whatever the French government and its servants (among which the Academy of Medicine is remembered for the communication of May 25, 2021).

Finally, in the United States, where pharmacovigilance (like the transparency of public administration data in general) is much better organized and more restrictive than in many European countries, very precise data can be exploited on the site of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). And, contrary to the argument of the industrialists, repeated in a loop by French journalists (like the fact-checkers already mentioned), these data are very largely reliable. Six English researchers have just analyzed a sample of 250 death reports attributedto covid vaccines in VAERS. As a result, two thirds of the statements were made by doctors and 86% of them are reliable. However, the findings of the American data are even more striking. By searching these data for vaccination-related deaths, it is possible not only to have a detailed count for each covid vaccine, but also to be able to compare these results with those of all the other vaccines administered for more than 30 years in this country. As of July 16, 2021, when 160 million Americans had been fully vaccinated, covid vaccines are linked to more than 6,000 deaths, 91% of which are attributable to vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer alone (two US pharmaceutical/biotech companies, Janssen being the Belgian subsidiary of another US pharmaceutical company, Johnson &Johnson). We have reconstructed the table below which gives the details of these figures.

Source: VAERS, calculation made on data from July 16, 2021

These deaths also occurred mainly within 48 hours of vaccination, which considerably reinforces the presumption of causality. In addition, these files make it possible to compare this mortality of anti-covid vaccines with the overall vaccination mortality in this country for 30 years (concerning hundreds of vaccines). This file gives a total of 16,605 deaths for all vaccines over the entire period. Alone and in just 6 months, the anti-covid vaccination represents 36% of the total vaccination mortality in this country for 30 years. By comparison, in the same database, we counted the number of deaths caused by the administration of the different seasonal influenza vaccines (seasonal influenza). In 30 years (1990-2020), these vaccines have caused 1,106 deaths, which represent 6.66% of total vaccine mortality over the past 30 years. Another way to express these results is therefore to say that, in the United States, in 6 months, covid vaccination has helped to kill 5 times more people than influenza vaccination in 30 years. This confirms in yet another way that we are indeed dealing with vaccines of a new kind, the dangerous nature of which is unprecedented. Finally, let us add that this dangerousness must particularly question when it concerns young people who are therefore not seriously threatened by Covid. However, 23.2% of the total us deaths attributed to covid vaccines and whose age is known were under 65 years old.


The issue of serious adverse reactions of covid vaccines is the subject of denial and silence on the part of the government and the main health agencies (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines, High Health Authority, High Council of Public Health, etc.). Everything happens as if it were a real taboo, in France as in most other Western countries. The importance of these effects brings a contradiction that is too blatant and devastating for the ideology of full vaccination that guides governments that have chosen to abandon themselves in the arms of the pharmaceutical industry. The latter is thus at the heart of all the management of an epidemic that constitutes for it an unprecedented boon in history: which patented commercial product has as a potential market the whole of humanity, renewable every year what is more? Bosses and shareholders of these pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies are becoming immensely wealthy. In view of the way in which these industries have worked (as a matter of urgency, to generate maximum profits, without testing the people most at risk - age and comorbidities - with the help of advertising formulas), particularly in the United States and England, to develop these new genetic vaccines (DNA or RNA), it was thus feared from the outset that these products would not be of very good quality. But reality goes beyond these fears and shows that these vaccines have more or less serious adverse effects than any other before them. We have seen that in the Netherlands a rate of 2.7 deaths per 100 000 vaccinated (16.5 million vaccinated, 448 deaths) is achieved. In France and the United States, this rate rises to about 3.7 deaths per 100,000 vaccinated. And in Britain, this rate even climbs to 4.3 deaths per 100,000 vaccinated, most likely due to the preponderance of the AstraZeneca vaccine that has been known since March 2021 to be the most dangerous of the four vaccines commonly used in the West (especially because of the many thromboses that it causes and that are beginning to be documented in the medical scientific literature, see for example, here and there),which is hardly surprising when we know the conditions in which it was manufactured inChina. In passing, we also reported that this was the first vaccine administered in France, from February 2021, to health professionals. Hence one of the probable rational reasons for the great reluctance to vaccinate against covid that some of them will if manifesting. 

This vaccine mortality (which is only the tip of the iceberg of serious adverse reactions) is therefore unprecedented, it is particularly serious and its concealment is even more so. Let us be clear: concealing such a danger in one way or another is quite simply criminal to the population. Even reduced to its most basic principles of ethics(primum non nocere),the approach to this issue in terms of public health should lead to the urgent suspension of the vaccination campaign, to study in much more detail the data of this pharmacovigilance (in particular according to age groups and according to the different risk factors) and, after a meticulous benefit/risk analysis, to determine to which very specific categories of the population it is possible to offer vaccination without risk that the serious adverse effects are more numerous than the serious forms of Covid from which it is supposed to protect them. Any other approach is not a matter of public health but of ideological posturing or commercial marketing. And history has already shown (on tobacco, pesticides, oil pollution, etc.) that these postures and this marketing were responsible for real crimes against civilian populations. That they are committed in the name of the Good should in no way blind them to their reality and nature. All those who indulge in it could now be considered as accomplices in this new vaccine mortality that seems unprecedented in the history of modern medicine.

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