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The transition road from life without hero to death


The transition road from life without hero to death

By Milton Lima 21-08-2021

We can say that Pieter Bruegel in the work, the triumph of death, saw the clock of his time as an essential factor in relation to death. However, it is necessary to make sense for us to return from past history to popular culture, in which it lives in the silence behind death. Such a death as a symbol of a natural process was also positive at this time as the shift in power over empires was building at the same time; where his control over the symbolism around death was by heroic act and not anything to be forgotten.

So the mask of themselves was visions like dancing fast and getting a way of life represented by faith and myth. From Plato to Aristotle in the midst of philosophy everywhere, the system was based on community and to achieve living happiness. Of course, this happiness has to be found in order to give meaning to two worlds, that of living and the other of the dead. It was common for them to believe that life's goals were to achieve a death with respect to life that would even be the same side of a war but never out of their respect.

This heroic spirit needs neither support nor sociology, but so this heroic act wins here and there what we might call political science and specificity of what Thomas Hobbes remembers in Leviathan. The law and the fear of death are real violence, but everything that happens or better happens with the creation of the State. The right natural and who is given power starts to have a specific conflict and this is very important for a change of course.

Well now I can connect your facts, first from the photo I'm watching for the triumph of death - and not without war - second to find the relationship between life and death in this lost world as it is a sea of ​​information made to disconnect and no, to connect as much of us as want to believe.

Therefore, our hero is at the same time who saves for life and who chooses to forget until the death of many peoples. Medicine must, of course, assess for them who they will choose to call heroes.

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