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The new environment of things to death human

 The Political Technique of Death

By Milton Lima

We need bonds to understand ourselves as humans; our history has long been a history of discovery. Philippe Ariès, between the First and Second World Wars, talked about death in the West. But before that, we should pay attention to what is proper to the modern world that means saying that democracy and capitalism are at the same time on the side of war and peace. Joseph Schumpeter would also stay with socialism and economic history as if it were possible to lose it, while very deep deaths end as we should know it such a world that would be born. So it is the technique that abstracts briefly from death to start propagating whole types that rule totalitarianism and people close to the masses. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, next to them a history that marries democracy, capitalism, socialism and religion, of course, together there is all this, there is a political technique of death. The machine was there, guess who was there too, all the heads of the banks.

When we are faced with the lost word, our entire observation as well says or said near the great sage Baudelaire is our attempt, to go in search of the paradise that will be lost. At the same time, this new world that is divided between kings for their kingdoms and for their allies will even see its honour lost, that is, not possessing death as a word and meaning. Meanwhile, he makes poetry, our poet walks through a world that would be old and would do him good to be, or wiser, but should never be new. This world would now be thought bylines, so there is a division between rich and poor, educated and uneducated, with all this, before death, they also thought of as disciplines, so they are born as republics. As discipline is an understated technique by their own educated people, where would be their division of labour, it now seems educated to a legion of adherents, so as Primo Levi speaks, the dead life the same lost life amidst words of life and divine justice, under their unique past and present live their memory in response to the witness itself.

Where, when, how and why? All this becomes a hard and new word. When the word is a social relation, the whole word becomes work between nature and man. But to understand where politics became a technique of death, we need to go back to how it wins minds and hearts. That is not with the birth of the state. So we must look at the Greeks from there to the fourth century. Why Plato? Well, he has been present in our history since that became a real front in the Republic.  As a philosopher-king Plato loved Socrates, so much and because his master loved truth. You see this is conscious, and so there is also since these times a war for the power of the word. As such words struggle amidst truth and lies, survival as morals and ethics, directed by an ideal world, Plato would create by his power the first republic to remember to death the truth for which his master would fight and die.

See that the honour of men, from Pericles to Hesiod brought the figure of man and God, if even he is a hero at the same time then he is known again for the defence of men and women, who honour nothing but a right to a dignified death due to justice. The hero is a leader, like Alexander. But all over the world, you see that the war against dignity found the speech of Pericles. In the speech for the defence, honour is given to any citizen of the city, what is remembered by everyone there is the role of honour.

It seems to me that the political technique of death is not yet understood under its cultural, social, political, economic and human aspects. One problem that Ariès finds in his research is that money (or inheritance), first of all with the family, will modify a social relationship so that the sick person no longer needs to die at home. So she begins to have him die in hospital and no longer has faith or hope that the death of her relative is being awaited at home.

Now that we have met with medicine, there are two points to which we should pay attention. The first is the need to follow the money. The second is the need for inequality again here that is, social, political, economic and cultural. Because the shadow is proper his death, but also his life, which is and has been put in check. If you are a citizen of the land, perhaps you can be saved. But it is not welcome if she came by sea.

Medicine is very close to a system of power. There are in this century several stories of experiences, under the advances are always at the top of the pyramid, of a class, of a system, so this social relationship of ours due to the pandemic with humanity being blamed for the death of hundreds of thousands of people, only intensifying with this year 2019. Inequality has again asked for an account of who can wait and who can actually leave. To talk about society and not talk about death and the social relations it involves, is simply to forget what a community of a country is.

We are here and there talking about words. Who would have thought that it is death and not life that is being debated on the question of the surviving word? So the body too when it functions, creates things. What such a system does not tell us is who will pay this debt, in which it does not even know what it has created itself. When men shape a new capitalist world, they do so by fighting, first for liberalism, then for utilitarianism. Look at the fathers of economics, Smith and Ricardo. The last of them was a parliamentarian. We are once again invited to investigate this world crisis. Why has crisis changed all forms of human relationships? Because in the production of things people were taught to lose their human relationships so that things could be bought with money. The man-made merchandise at that time was made for things that were not of nature. Though like technology, men continue to learn through misunderstanding that as things have always made this money as capital, things also make it their own capital. As the things this man will create he becomes the same machine that does not understand this process, so by it, he was being created to be disposable. This happens now in the 21st century, only if the hope that you look like bitcoins, pix, to come by them to so much hope of a new normal. What they are talking about under the future was desired as paint as painting from the past, that is, that death by envy become a machine and it happens here and now with the virus, war, technology, big reset and everything but a human being.

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