Thursday, January 13, 2022

Antidote nothing more to our time

 Antidote nothing more to our time 


The machine has its advantages. Some will say that this same machine has its disadvantages. What do you think about going little by little, with style so to speak, delating and distilling, and why not, little by little undressing, the machine of our time of poisoning. Controversial and with its dose of scepticism, not by chance, this text must be written in English. The language, the language, that same machine will say that it matters little. I know that very few people in the world (if by chance you want or) if you compare with other languages, do not speak English. But there are things in life that even such a machine is not obliged, again I mean, to understand - no more antidote. 

What is the advantage of giving imagination to the mind of the spirit? And in the phase that 2022, makes itself present in the game, is it an advantage to speak of time, or rather, would it be even not to speak of the machine? In the old way, the machine when it appeared, in full steam, brought with it that love of auditio time. The act of listening is the remedy of our time, against its pre-insertion in the net of pure restlessness, it will bring in silence its cure for anxieties. The scrupulous restlessness that causes anxiety in the permanent game of paying bills, of working without having a day to rest, seems with billet and in the hope of pix, to make you the heir of the indebted being.  


Milton Lima

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