Thursday, January 13, 2022

In other words, poetry, you and me

 In other words, poetry, you and me


I really would like the speak about poetry. I really want to call attention to this world. It’s possible to say that is how if I was diving into my own life profoundly. So, what means poetry my friend? We’re ready for this jump, I hope that yeah.

The inspiration is still the same. Reading the world and interpreting its fragments. Seeing this depends on your time and your desire to deconstruct the world as it is conceived from the outside. From the outside, the world will be what all the creators will tell us it is.

To the extent that we inhabit its interior, we find in ourselves the answers to our searches. Plural will be the future dreams that we create from then on, such an encounter will give you or us, time for reflection.

Sometimes it is necessary to hide our best so that nobody steals our faith. Sometimes it is better to be labelled as crazy so that nobody wants to pretend to be arrested in our place. Sometimes to inspire is more than to lose what others are gaining. Sometimes being is much better than pretending to be what you don't know you are. Sometimes it is only poetry that delivers the good and the bad of living in the hiding place of feeling.


Milton Lima

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