Saturday, January 29, 2022

No, the pandemic is not over

Milton Lima

Cultural life here and there 

Every occasion and every situation, sooner or later, really seems to make light of the desert from the ready words. If we use a method to reach its political end, even such an unthinkable system as its representations cannot say that the sign of its goodness did not also come marching through the desert. 

He places it as desert mainly in fiction, so we must return to the idea that the pandemic is nearing its end. Here we can return to the word, war. Our image a few paragraphs above is important because it signifies a search, I would say a search for peace.  

Although this peace apparently does not allow to bring another war, this is efficient and evident for all those who study geopolitics, the war not seen and already put in a pandemic will be very evident in the coming years, and there is really a huge risk of nuclear war happening beyond fiction. 

Because some friends in recent weeks have commented that the news was good and that things were heading towards a resumption of what was before. So I make a provocation to them and to those who thought this would be true, has the economic bubble (this year I want to write specifically about the bubble) burst yet? Unfortunately, those who made the plan know very well how to execute it, and for this reason, I think no, that's right, the pandemic will not end this year. The reasons are diverse, but they are mainly political. When there is talk of war, the same narrative is sometimes used, that China will invade Taiwan and now Russia will invade Ukraine. Thinking about the hegemonic politics of endless war, it is to look at Afghanistan and see what actually happened in the last 50 years. 

As a praxis here I will end this short reflection. I bring Dino Buzzatti, whose literary work has been remembered in Italy (a country I have looked at closely because I like its culture) in a newspaper article. In particular, I have read "The Desert of the Tartars", and I was enchanted by the narrative. That's why I remember Dino with the same plot, the wait for the war, there it would start and here in our fictional world, our wait will be for the war to end. 


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