Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Soul want truth

Soul want truth


I told myself I would write less. That doesn't mean much, you understand. But the less with me, it's very significant. When I turn or step back on our path as a human, we see ourselves from below understood from above; I think yes, there is a path to truth. Hence this word truth has perhaps been misunderstood. In this sense, I just believe that yes, it must forcibly dwell within us.  

I also say that to write about truth one must have courage - it was Brecht who said it first. So it will be difficult. Do you want to here and now be me and therefore talk about it? Then you and I will do it and look in the mirror. The mirror of life. What do you see? Now, sure enough, it's still interesting. I believe our metaphor will arrive in your brief subconscious world. Your mirror is in the frame. At own home. At own family. At own environment. So such a culture or such a poll will ask: what is life? I have my answer and you? 

We need to be simple. Our truth is under us, want to say, she is our awareness. Our soul. See that it is deeply misunderstood. What I have to say is just it.


Milton Lima  


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