Sunday, January 2, 2022


Sunday - 02-01-2022

A show of truth! I start with the body print and the aesthetics of an incredibly convenient truth. The film is Swedish. I like many modern bipeds, am a film buff, and in the age of stream, the year 2022 started that way. On the anthropological side of me watching the film with otherness, I am dramatic, and Sweat surprised.

Leaving aside a bit of my subtle sociological look, this time not as an anthropologist but as a sociologist, I would say that the art of interpreting life as a theatre: is welcome in this film - to anyone who might be interested in social interaction, I suggest reading Goffman. She talks about the need to be in evidence in a totally cruel world - she the character, she the artist, the look of the production team is certainly contemporary. 


I liked the camera in action, it has a touch of suspense and a strong approach with the eyes. The idea is, maybe to inform those who like the film, to let them know that this is a good option. If I suddenly watch another film that dialogues with this one, I will mention it in comparison. And so I wish you a happy new year! Happy reading and great films. See you, I really hope you are prepared for a lot of reading, because this year, I am inspired! Just one more note. Briefly.

This film is the first of a series of texts that I must write.

My impression. 12 senses.

Breathe has more

I wish you the best,

Milton Lima

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