Sunday, January 23, 2022

The confession around to death while word: letter A

 Milton Lima

The other universal face of death 

A) It is the death of the nature

I have confessed for five years that this theme makes me think about life. The fortitude with all its breadth will lead us to face science as it has come to think about death. I see it from poetry as another toolbox, where we bring our dreams and where all human beings go.  Therefore, I repeatedly invite our reflection on them. Who are they? Well, here our problem begins. Concepts and worldview, conscious and unconscious, structure and system, war and peace, love and hate, all well built Malthusian. Thus, they are the ones who have made us believe that life will become virtual. Yes, your time now is their time. Do you believe in your heart that your work will now be back with the rights of man? They are crazy to make you believe that life is now something else. If life is not the same, how will such knowledge help me understand if death is death itself? We think of this first with one word: universal.

Power and power. Since I learned a language system, I also learned to read the symbols. I was born close to 90 years old. Where, in time, I saw that everything they did for me was a machine. But such a machine would come to move my social relationship with death. How this machine-made me without becoming a man of quality is the role at this point of reflection. While now I have my face of death in the care of medicine where I will say that I fall into reality when I am saved for science. It would be very nice if it were not for man's controlling role in nature. 

They have an agenda. And it seems to me that science now strives to facilitate the social role of death to be forgotten. When we understand to look at death with its other meaning, then we return to the verb that said the Lord is my shepherd and nothing will blame me.  

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