Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Cutting ongoing essays in the academic world

Milton Lima

Continuous point being our discourse a real and imagined moment. Why do I believe an essay is a continuous point? Because a real essay is made of cuts. Certainly, the academic face is not easy to undo. I say this because within work or my field of endeavour there are narratives as discourses and ideology. Credo here and also there, where for a long time it has become true. Just remember that until yesterday it figured to be forgotten who really was the wisest. Therefore, it is impossible not to return to the age of philosophy. 

Welcome to the new era. Here our hero is a stitch. Once again, I want to draw attention to our way of giving reason to our imagined world. Let the evil be nipped in the bud. Thus we can turn our attention to mediumship. This hidden world must awaken us to what is to come. 

To be heard, it must be easy to keep in mind that your learning here depends on this point. This point is your consciousness. At first, I return to our picture from the point of view of religion. A rebellion has been going on for five centuries or so.  What may be madness in this story is our tendency to lose core values. See Socrates dies on the way for the attainment of truth. Plato there begins his rebellion. When the world of navigation is in place, our exploration will meet at this point I call here the imaginary point. We are a natural point. Nature is our soul, I hope you never forget it. 

I am cutting the ongoing essays off and in the academy. This ship is an invitation to our humanity. In the coming years, we have it to remember that she means to watch your mind. If since Plato such an academy has fought for genuine knowledge, it has also realised that it was not alone. A struggle for truth between machines is just beginning. Dear reader, this essay should be remembered from my next texts on astrology. There is a war psyche and it is not a toy. What I can say is that each of us has an answer.  

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