Friday, February 4, 2022

February weekly newsletter start of the month

Milton Lima

I confess that this week it will be quite difficult to choose just a few subjects, but I must be prepared to do so. So I must start with the elections. From Honduras to Portugal, the faces of socialism are back. This means that these governments with such lines are already moving the chess in the game. I say this because a fortnight ago the FT newspaper has once maintained the opinions of its columnists about the risk, for example, of Lula in Brazil supporting the governments of the left in the region. This same Lula was invited to the president's January ceremony there in Honduras. This game is old when the threat saw the government become populist. It is important to say that within politics, exactly nothing is what it seems. So we were not naïve yesterday and therefore we will not be naïve today. Who should offer more fear to Brazil or Argentina, Chile or perhaps Venezuela? On that, I will return to the periphery and I hope you all see it. 

In Europe, the conflict has been brewing since mid-December. When we point to the elections we must not forget that the Green party in Germany has dealt many cards in the government. This means that there what happens in the face of the conflict with Russia and natural gas has an ideological bias behind it. So the issue that should gain a lot of strength this year is climate change because anyone who has read the newspapers in Germany has noticed that there is a public opinion well directed towards the climate issue. In this case, my opinion remains the same, the psychological war will have many paths from the climate apocalypse, which has always been on the globalist agenda. 

Meanwhile, newspapers in Italy and Spain show how much the extreme right is organising with its grassroots. The elections in Italy are already knocking on the door. In France, it's not much different. Taking into account unemployment, the economic recession and the pandemic, which is far from over, the agenda is once again: what to do about integration? A hot topic that is likely to return to the agenda is immigration, whether there is a war or not. There is no need to go far, look at Afghanistan, at Yemen, people there are dying of hunger and endless misery. 

On the great meeting of leaders Putin and Xi, the covers did not waste much time for a smear, meanwhile, other covers show the seas around NATO near Ukrainian with several Nawians, that is, the conflict is just beginning. I keep hoping there won't be a war because that would be a catastrophe for all humanity.

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