Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Mechanism of geopolitical power


Milton Lima

A) How have I been watching all the news about the war?

First I must invite you all to go back a few days. Specifically when it comes to talking about conflict of interest. The goal of this conversation is to understand all the power mechanisms at play here and there. Where there is smoke, there is fire. So the narrative and again the narrative we are given will address only one part of the pizza. Where do you live it has been common to hear that democracy is dead? So we come back to the ideology and the power of one part of this pizza. Remember that I made an invitation.  I, as a sociologist, have a keen interest in political science. So I have been reading some analysts who will say that the war is just beginning. As I noted, my view is that first of all there is a powerful mechanism here and there. There as the media must do everything to always tell the truth. Lies. Why is there no talk of a financial bubble close to bursting like a bomb? That the new reset is an agenda to be followed?  So we go back a few days. First with an ItalianFederico Dezzani researcher - who clearly deals with the dangers of war and danger dominant interests - and with Alastair Crooke researcher. 

As the authors treat, I also see many things hidden about the war. For Latin America, we will not have the focus only on Venezuela by the Americans, now for sure the focus will be on Argentina, it will not be a surprise if the Mercosur country goes into the rout once it has moved closer to China and Russia. Germany, as the signs indicate, has chosen the NATO side and cancelled its energy agreement with the Russians. The impact of this cancellation will be measured in the coming days. Although Turkey is little publicised, it seems that it too must take a stand soon on what is happening on the Russian borders and with the support of NATO and the EU, which side will Turkey take? Scenes from the next chapters. For those who understand Italian well, I recommend this work by Stefano see here, who has done daily analyses on geopolitics. See you soon.

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