Thursday, February 3, 2022

Organs and bones in cognitive dissonance


Milton Lima

This is how the theory of games came about, always close to our vital organs, first, they go in search of our ears after going straight to our eyes, they go straight to our mouth. When we didn't imagine that there too they would go looking for our bones. Above all what I hope everyone sees is that our struggle is forward, in which we want after all to remain only human and nothing more than that. 

As if there is no tomorrow. This system has been programmed to get our attention on a moral level. The more fear, the more its violence proliferates. Private propriety, rule of law, bureaucracy, the common parts go all the way back to Adam Smith in his book on moral sentiments. While the high court is set up to control their power there in democracy. They will drive all the governed out of their time, while we are undermining any boundaries to stop the madness in our minds. All this must involve their pain, their frustration, their sickness, their unhappiness, their misery, their want. Then we can see to imagine those who want the solitude of our soul. Again and again, against all and every moment, our mind is caught up in life in another dimension and we will forget a thread of honour in which we awaken our soul. 

Secularisation as path-loss was made to target this view from cognitive dissonance. See this as we believe we possess the mind and hearts here and now in the metaverse and virtual life, really they have thought it all out. 

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