Friday, March 4, 2022

Silent in war

Milton Lima

When my silence says nothing more, it is because our world has screamed. 

When I read the news about a war, I also read a silence within me. My heritage ( I knew it was searching) with dignity sought to understand why we forget this feeling of death. A war carries within it this real body and machine, in which no sense manifests itself. That is when it becomes just a thing. 

In this speech, a general would say that the value of victory itself would have no cost. It is not only about Ukraine, but also about refugees, famine, poverty, or has anyone forgotten Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen? Would those wars be justified? I agree with a writer who would have said that "barbarism has a human face". 

We live doing war, be it for territory, be it for money, be it for defence, and who pays with all that we know or don't know? The Indians? Who else?

Last but not least, this pandemic that made money out of it, again when the poor die, they insist on the version that it was a war, how long have they lied to us? With all this, I mainly prefer my silence. My conscience is at peace, I wonder if one day they will know it too.  

Silent and Peace.

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