Sunday, March 13, 2022

This is a thread from the inventory of the war in Ukraine

By Milton Lima - 03-13-2022

On this see also previously before and mechanism of geopolitical

If you have any debt to our current community, say it now or forever hold your peace. As if it were possible that their policy could be truly sincere. So as a sample let's see what Soros and the WEF elite will say about our protection in their project the new reset - or new normal.

It seems to me that at this time the great need of humanity is infinite to understand its own truth. Look at you who is not the one who says, but who has the right to say what is true or false? Would a climate change be a lie or a truth? What science serves human dignity? My distrust is total when someone wants to tell me about the future. That is, when perhaps their domination is by the conquest of territory with water, with forest, and when NGOs silently become part of our education. My distrust is total, so I would ask if they can really want localised sovereignty in this country? What do you know?

Humanity may lose face if nothing is done. Because it seems that this plan already has a family and this has happened again. Keep it up for the bonds that go from bomb to bomb creating ideology to keep power in families forever. The great reset was programmed and the pandemic only helps your idea to fix a new world and a new normal. To dream with them and the elite is to turn our world into a technocrat world. That since Brzinzeski UK and the US the head and central bank head of the BIS or Basel has this sympathy in its aim. A single currency is also a dream for them. Try to follow who really gains from it? With such a war, what we have looks like a scandal.  

Can't I say that Russia, China, Brazil and India could be sovereign countries and as powerful as these Anglosaxon empires? Would London, Washington and Jerusalem, Zionists and neoconservatives, be willing to respect peace with sovereign nations? What do you expect? The truth or the lie?

The debts that this family plan has created since Bretton Woods have left countries in misery. Their policy is one of reprisal for all those who do not follow the current order of the dollar. We can never forget September 11 and the hunt for those responsible, does anyone believe that this same elite is not trying to find a culprit for the pandemic? Or is the pandemic itself part of this new technocratic world order of agenda 2030? Real Politik and Real Politik - or cui bono ? or see sanctions.

Here and here, see how there are many things hidden behind this war. And between truths and truths, see also here and here, again we will see migratory crises, economic crises, poverty and deaths. Debt and more debt for the usual poor, and of course war and peace over the mistrust of truth and lies.


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